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Contracts Development and Management

The success of every business depends on how well the contract relationship is managed. Therefore, the objective of this Workshop is to help participants ensure that their contracts and supply chain are managed effectively at minimum cost.

Target Audience: All personnel at all levels and disciplines who have responsibility for managing service and procurement contracts from identification of the need for a service to contract award and performance monitoring.

1) Contracts Ingredients
2) Contracts strategy, policies and procedures
3) Types of Contract Arrangements
4) Contracts Management Process
5) Effective Contract Management
6) Managing Contract Compensation
7) Contract Risks and Management
8) Contract Disputes and Management
9) Case Studies and a lot more

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Tendering, Bid Management and Packaging

If you are not getting contract awards as expected, it suggests that something is wrong and you need to get it right. Therefore, the objective of this Workshop is to expose participants to the best techniques of responding to tenders and packaging bids in order to win contracts. It will also help bid managers handle every process correctly.

Target Audience: All personnel at all levels and disciplines who have responsibility for managing bids, responding to tender adverts and packaging tenders.

1) Tender Management process
2) Tendering Challenges
3) Tendering v Corrupt Practices
4) Ways out of Tendering Manipulations
5) Points to Consider before Tendering
6) Tender Packaging/Design
7) Why Tenders Do Fail
8) Procurement Angle
12) Cost and Price Analysis
13) Pricing Strategy & Good Business Practices
14) Quality Control
15) Case Studies & a lot more

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Negotiation Skills, Techniques and Tactics – A Different Approach

The desire to reach agreement is a big challenge in many situations. In this stimulating and unique two-day workshop, participants will be introduced to world-class techniques of negotiating, winning and surviving in a harsh business environment.

Target Audience: Individuals involved in occasional or constant bargaining to obtain what is acceptable. A-must-attend-workshop for Heads of Departments, Industrial Relations/Sales Executives, Marketers, Company Representatives/Buyers and Union Leaders.

1) Psychological Factors of Negotiation
2) Overcoming Negotiation Fears
3) Negotiation Styles, Techniques and Strategies
4) Good Tactics
5) Handling Tough People
6) Communication Problems
7) Neuro-Linguistic Programming
8) Dealing with Emotions, Wrong Reflexes and Deadlock
9) Case Studies
10) Practical Sessions, Video Clips and a lot more