Our Mission, Our Values
Code Of Conduct

The mission of Henharry & Henhannah Consult is to add value to the efforts of others by giving honest advice and assistance for the benefit of our clients.

We pay attention to details and take cognizance of the fact that our success depends on our ability to assist our clients in winning their tenders. We would establish trust, set the standard and give appropriate information based on realities.
We believe that values are vital in business and services which shape relationships. Therefore, we hold strongly that respect and sincerity are important in business relationship irrespective of breed, colour, sex, beliefs and culture. Our firm is result-oriented, based on cooperation and mutual understanding. We strive to meet our goals and ensure we impact on others in a positive way.

The firm is managed by professionals who have many years of experience in the areas of:
• Bid evaluation and packaging,
• Creation of supporting documents for tenders,
• Tender management,
• Negotiation of contracts,
• Mediation,
• Tender advice, and
• Training.
Henharry & Henhannah Consult will deal with clients with respect and based on the principles of integrity. Our personnel are expected to adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and conduct, while carrying out their services. Their conduct must reflect good behaviour which must enhance the confidence others would have built on the firm.

No form of misconduct shall be tolerated including but not limited to intimidation, harassment, physical or verbal abuse and insults.

We expect our personnel to be transparent in dealing with clients. In carrying out their services, our personnel shall not offer, pay, promise or receive any bribe, kick-back or any illegal payment which is in violation of anti-corruption laws of Nigeria.

Our Executives

Henry Edebeatu

Senior Consultant

Master in Legal Studies (Labour & Industrial Relations), MNIM

Henry Edebeatu is a Senior Consultant with Henharry & Henhannah Consult. Very vast in bid management, negotiations and general administration. He holds a Master Degree in Legal Studies (Labour Law & Industrial Relations). He is a full member of the Nigerian Institute of Management and an Accredited Mediator of the International Institute of Mediation.

Henry worked in the Power Sector for Four (4) years and oil sector for close to twenty-five (25) years before joining HnH Consult. Much of his working career was within the Legal and Contracting Department where his core responsibilities centered on Tender management and evaluation. He has, on a number of occasions delivered papers to Contractors on Tenders/Contract Management. He has been involved in Tenders ranging from millions of dollars.

Oluwashina Alaiya

Senior Associate Consultant

BSc. Business Admin., MBA

Oluwasina Alaiya is an Associate Consultant with Henharry & Henhannah Consult and also the Managing Director of Jobasin Tech Limited. Oluwasina has a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with a B.Sc in Finance and a Higher National Diploma in Business Administration. He is a member of the Association for Operations Management.

Oluwasina has an Oil and Gas working experience of 25 years as a Procurement Specialist. He has been involved in Procurement contracts and negotiations worth millions of dollars.

Hannah G. Edebeatu

Legal Expert

Hannah G. Edebeatu is a Legal Expert. She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours, UK, First Class, LLM (UK) (Distinction)