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Bid Packaging/Evaluation

Our core business function is to assist both small and large scale business outfits win tenders by evaluating their already packaged tenders to ensure they are one hundred per cent compliant prior to the submission of such tenders. Because we are very familiar with a range of buyers’ requirements, expectations and the numerous common slips of bidders, the tenders we review would stand the best chance of being prequalified and possibly getting the contract award. We pay attention to delivery, quality as well as price and our business understanding and creativity put us on edge.

Also, if you are increasingly finding it difficult on where to start in response to a request for tender, then Henharry & Henhannah Consult can assist you. As you know, only bidders whose technical, management, industrial relations, safety, quality and financial level are judged to be good enough for the work being envisaged, often get the opportunity they are looking for. We always do our very best at all times to satisfy our clients.

We pride ourselves in our ability to tender and evaluate bids on:
• Business Services
• Human Resources
• Health, Environment and Safety
• Legal and Insurance
• Information Technology
• Medical
• Media Relations
• Security
• All technical Areas

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Another strong area of Henharry & Henhannah Consult is the negotiation services. Our consultants are acclaimed and successful negotiators, who understand the techniques of overcoming all the odds and achieving positive results.

There are a variety of techniques and tools to persuade others to get what one wants. But techniques alone are not enough. We would go further. We would establish trust, set the standard, present logical arguments, give information based on realities and gain the needed cooperation.

We can give advice or sit on the negotiation table for or along with our clients and our clients would discover that we make the difference.

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Tender Management

We manage tenders from advert to contract award stage, whether they are procurement or services. Usually, we would work with the process owners for the bidders selection, evaluation and awards. We also monitor the contracts with a view to ensuring that parties comply with the terms and conditions of the award.

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We handle conflict resolution and mediation which may arise during the course of the business. Conflict pervades human existence and it can at times be quite destructive. People get offended, angry, resentful and tensed-up, giving rise to conflict on constant basis. We can assist our clients administer preventive measures just as we can manage/resolve existing conflict. We are always happy to contribute to bringing about peace in the workplace not essentially for gains but in the interest of our society and the world at large. We love peaceful business world and we love people living in peace

Our Consultants being certified Mediators with certificates in Strategic Contract Management, Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Advanced Negotiations, approach every situation with the highest sense of professionalism.

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No doubt, contracting environment, especially in Africa is quite harsh and generally, tendering is very dynamic. If bidders must succeed, they must be innovative and formidable and constantly comply fully with laid down requirements. Therefore, we train Contractors and personnel at all levels and disciplines who have the responsibilities of responding to tender adverts, packaging bids for possible award of contracts, managing contracts from advertisement to post-award stage and negotiating at all times.

Personnel who have attended our training are better equipped and more confident in participating in tendering exercises, managing contracts and negotiating for their own benefits. Often, our Workshops focus on top-level negotiations, strategic contract management and competitive tendering both for services and procurement of equipment.

Our methodology is based on presentation, debate, discussions, case studies and video clips. Our Facilitators are experts who have been in the business field for many years and had been involved in tenders/contracts ranging from millions of dollars.

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Project Management

Henharry and Henhannah consult assist clients manage their projects and contracts, with insight into local markets and regulations. Our analytical approach helps clients assess their needs, identifying optimal business models and technical solutions to meet their objectives. We play advisory role that would enable clients make the correct decisions by awarding projects to the right vendors who would deliver at the right time and give value for money.

At Henharry and Henhannah, we manage projects through their entire life cycle, from feasibility to close-out.